Thrive Consulting combines social and environmental sciences to help
communities and organizations solve natural resource management problems

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Environmental Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Facilitation

Conflict resolution requires understanding and making clear the similarities and differences in problem perception of the full range of stakeholders involved in a particular issue. Environmental conflicts range from site selection for waste facilities, to resource allocation and distribution, to downstream resistance to upstream activities, to quota allotment; and can run the gamut from quiet disgruntlement to open hostility and violence. Resolution emerges through identification of common ground, and working from that point of connection to issue identification, revealing different points of view, and joint fact finding. Conflict resolution requires a facilitated process of building trust, credibility, and accountability.

Thrive Consulting provides non-biased, third-party collaborative skills. We work with all stakeholders on a given issue or conflict, to identify and articulate their perspectives, positions, and desired outcomes. We seek to resolve conflict through positive action and mutual respect and accountability.

We have worked on environmental conflict resolution in inner city neighbourhoods in Baltimore, MD; community-based watershed management issues urban and rural New Brunswick; and large intergovernmental agency partnerships in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Environmental Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Facilitation
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