Thrive Consulting combines social and environmental sciences to help
communities and organizations solve natural resource management problems

Social Assessment Sustainability Planning Capacity Building and Training Environmental Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Facilitation

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Thrive Consulting

Thrive Consulting integrates biophysical and social sciences to solve real-world problems. The relationships between human communities and the natural resources that support them are complex and can be difficult to detect and articulate. At Thrive Consulting, we use a variety of methods to reveal, display, and explain these relationships, and do so using iterative techniques in consultation with our clients and their partners. We bring over 20 years experience in the examination of the social aspects of natural resources management to our work.

Our clients benefit from our broad set of skills: climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy; community sustainability planning; human ecosystem analysis; park planning; natural resource management training; urban ecology; watershed management; social and biophysical spatial analysis and mapping; estuarine research; meeting facilitation and conflict resolution; organizational development, strategic planning; collaboration and partnership development.

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